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Work samples for Michael Mock

Having served for years as .NET lead developer and team supervisor, my role today is technology lead. My work includes:
  • Full-stack development in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment
  • Prove out new concepts, then summarize and present my results to leadership teams
    1. Service Gateways comparisons
    2. Develop an API to handle Bot Traffic and standardize website access to services
  • Guide teams towards software compliance with current architecture, technology, and organizational policy
  • Assist the solution architect team with job related requirements and SOA implementation
  • Cloud technology work leading my team to win the second place award in the Microsoft 2018 Azure Hackfest

I have designed and built .NET websites for employers and in my spare time for non-profit organizations. Due to security reasons, much of my work is inaccessible without corporate or agency authentication.

This .NET MVC website uses JavaScript/JQuery to present the OpenGroup OSIMM model, an assessment, and survey used to determine service integration maturity. It features asynchronous invocations of a RESTful API to access backend SOAP services in support of multiple products and teams. Role-based identity authentication enables seven different audiences various authorization levels to interact with the model, the assessments, analysis, and reporting.

This .NET web site provided a virtual tour of a house that we sold. The website featured seven slide shows that use xml input text files to annotate an AJAX Slideshow extender. The e-mail component enables prospective buyers to contact the realtor.

I designed this website as a gift to help Washington State University (WSU) students with learning public speaking and leadership through Toastmasters.
I organized and coordinated a group of WSU staff members to achieve the club's mission. With my leadership, this website helped us nearly double the number of students who joined and improved their communication and leadership skills. We later converted the .NET website to a WSU student organization Content Management System now maintained by the students.


This e-commerce site reserves a seat with Washington State University (WSU) admissions for incoming students by integrating various computers systems and entities.
Some maintenance delayed production deploys up to two days. My .NET group needed quicker, more reliable website maintenance deployments. So, I reprogrammed some mainframe NATURAL language interfaces to my .NET applications and leveraged the mainframe software versioning and the Software AG Enterprise Service Bus Entire-X middleware. That website related maintenance could then be correctly deployed within about 15 minutes.
On my own initiative I improved some systems reliability by loosening some Washington State University (WSU) websites' coupling from the mainframe computer. The Fields Of Study web site evolved into this current design that is now more loosely coupled.
By implementing better encapsulation, small changes on the mainframe could not so easily corrupt the .NET web applications on the servers. Given my work ethic, such refactoring never delayed my timely, accurate, functioning deliverables.
Click to visit WSU ERP site

The Washington State University (WSU) CIO / Vice President of Information Systems had this website built to provide secrecy regarding third party software selection for replacing the aging information systems.
I volunteered, cleaned up the design to improve its security. I then trained a co-worker who maintained the web site until it was no longer needed.
Move the mouse pointer over these sample letters. My co-workers say many good things about me.
Washington State University (WSU) Director Letter of Reference for Michael Mock.
Washington State Agency Enterprise Architect Letter of Reference for Michael Mock.
Washington State University (WSU) Registrar Letter of Reference for Michael Mock.
Washington State University (WSU) Coworker Letter of Reference for Michael Mock.
Washington State University (WSU) Director Letter of Reference for Michael Mock. Washington State Agency Enterprise Architect Letter of Reference for Michael Mock. Washington State University (WSU) Registrar Letter of Reference for Michael Mock. Washington State University (WSU) Co-worker Letter of Reference for Michael Mock.

Some pro bono web sites

This .NET web site was my gift to a non-profit charity organization. The website Google Applications, Google Account functionality, XML, and a free, no-charge community service HTML hosting account offering the Pullman Knights the best in affordability and easy maintenance.
Using XML files, it provided a variety of dynamic content. Around year 2012, another individual converted it to a static website.

This .NET web site helped a non-profit charity organization share its message to the world. It helped efficiently and effectively coordinate a large volunteer group.
The combination of Javascript, JQUERY, .Net and MS SQL database interfaces allowed the organization to maintain dynamic content in an affordable centralized location. Around late 2017, the next support person made it a limited, static WordPress site.

An older web site

Around year 2002, I created a web site to sell signed, limited edition old west pencil art prints using a custom built shopping cart. It served as a development learning tool and used Silverlight and JavaScript technology. The user interface had a magazine style format with pages that flipped. The website currently shows in its earlier form unanimated form. mode.

Regence BlueShield of Idaho 2002 Shooting Star award for Mike Mock doing excellent work

"Thanks for your focus on creating the claims processing tool for the Reinsurance program. Your determination to obtain a superior tool will benefit the user and the company."
Patricia Pardue Regence BlueShield of Idaho